8805693_origJulianne (Juli) Snyder is a Philadelphia area abstract painter.

Artistically inclined from an early age, she was blessed to have family and friends who supported and encouraged her. Juli was thrilled to experiment with any materials available. In 4th grade, she was  formally introduced to art by an eccentric, vivacious art teacher, Ann Vanderslice, at St. Joseph’s School in Collingdale, Pa.

For the majority of the latter half of life, she rode a rollercoaster of depression, anxiety and addiction, but found solace in art. Infusing raw emotion into her paintings became an integral aspect of her work.

A Temple University graduate, her primary interest in school was traditional photography. She’d often spend countless hours delightedly working in her second home, the darkroom. Her photo teacher was of great influence, encouraging her to push the limits of what she thought she could/should do, both behind and in front of the camera. 

As the years passed, she gradually exchanged her camera for a paintbrush and a palette knife.  Abstract painting, she found, was as liberating and therapeutic as photography.  Her paintings are check points; atmospheric illuminations on her journey of evolution and self discovery.

To inspire others to honor themselves, fearlessly create, live their truth and make a positive impact on the world is of utmost importance to her. She aspires to become a full time artist, dedicating herself totally to her creative calling in life, and looks forward to the day that “going to work” means heading to the studio with her dog.

She has shown both photography and paintings in Philadelphia since 2001 and is thrilled to be one of the selected artists featured in the SOLO exhibit of the 2014 NY Art Expo.