Verizon FiOS new low-priced bundle maybe not what it appears, critics say

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Both NBCUniversal on Tuesday joined Disney’s ESPN in claiming that pay-TV support does not possess the privileges to define up their channels into tiered packages for customers. Verizon’s pronounced ‘Custom television program doesn’t conform to our existing agreement, NBCU stated in a statement by
Monk Sports stated We deny the viewpoint of Verizon that the new packaging scheme it declared however still comply with our understandings can be pursued by it.
ESPN was first out of the door, for dividing Verizon over the weekend out of the basic bundle blasting it.
Other developers, including Viacom, also have attained out to FiOS to strengthen the terms of their deals.
The software engineers have deals that they can more than likely claim need that their channels be delivered to the absolute FiOS customer universe, thus maximizing their monthly subscription charges.
Verizon, however, is standing by its own argument that it previously has the privilege to provide smaller station bundles.
As much as we are concerned, FiOS Custom television is a product consumers prefer, and it is about consumer-choice, stated a spokesman. We believe we are allowed to give this selection and versatility under our existing agreements to consumers and little businesses.
One viewer mentioned Verizon’s agreements are most likely among the most restrictive because this is a comparatively new entrant into the pay-TV company plus one of the littlest with around 6.5 thousand homes.